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What are Bedsores?

by in Health. Posted November 13, 2019
Bedsores are a common problem for patients in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and senior living facilities, along with anyone else who has a medical condition that confines them to one position throughout their days and nights. Also called “pressure ulcers” or decubitus ulcers, bedsores result from prolonged pressure on the skin. An ulcer is ...
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memory care

What You Need to Know About Memory Care

There are many types of dementia, all of which cause increasing memory loss as the condition progresses. Memory care is a type of specialized care that helps people with different forms of dementia during the early stages of the disease. Not only does memory care involve greater supervision, but it also includes services that help ...
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assisted living

Everything You Need to Know About an Assisted Living Facility

Across the United States, around one million people reside in an assisted living facility. Although assisted living facilities aren’t medical settings, senior people may choose to move into them when they require assistance to remain independent. Onsite staff members provide support for day-to-day activities, including dining, taking medications, and staying fit. As a result, these ...
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