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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to live in Villas at San Bernardino

Adults who are 62 years of age and older

What living options does Villas at San Bernardino offer for older adults?

Villas at San Bernardino offers an environment for those who enjoy the services, amenities, socialization and activities offered by our community but who still want the privacy and independence of their own apartment.  The Assisted Living Program is designed to maximize quality of life through assisting residents with Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) while preserving their dignity and independence.  Our secure Memory Care Program in Villas at San Bernardino gives comfort and enjoyment to those with memory loss. Villas at San Bernardino is designed with an intentional open concept which provides residents with an engaging place to call home.

Are pets allowed?

Yes!  We understand that your pets are an important part of your family and we encourage you to bring them along.  Small cats and dogs are permitted in the Assisted Living program and there is a community bird aviary for everyone to enjoy!

Can I keep my car?

You can keep your car as long as you have a current driver’s license and receive a doctor’s recommendation.  Villas at San Bernardino has designated resident parking spaces that are available at no additional cost.

If I no longer drive, do you offer transportation?

Yes, we offer transportation to medical appointments within a 12 mile radius.  This radius includes San Bernardino, Riverside, Fontana, Rialto, Yucaipa, and Crestline.  Transportation is also provided to the local grocery stores, drug stores, banks, post office, and library.

What happens if my health needs change?

If a resident’s health needs change we will do our best to accommodate these changes.  The staff of Villas at San Bernardino has long term, established relationships with area physicians, home care organizations, hospitals and nursing homes.  We will work with these resources, the resident and their families to address and resolve any health concerns which occur.  If a resident’s health needs are greater than we can safely meet, we will work together to make the transition to an appropriate facility.

How does the Villas at San Bernardino Memory Care Program personalize service to residents?

Our secure memory care community was built specifically with the distinct needs of memory impaired adults in mind.  Our open concept floor plan allows for residents to see and be seen at all times.  Each resident has a care plan structured in collaboration with the resident, his or her doctor, family members and The Villas at San Bernardino staff members.   We care for our residents with dignity and respect at all times.

Does specialized Memory Care really make a difference?

Yes, the correct environment plays a big role in determining quality of life for people with dementia.  In a setting designed to minimize disorientation and maximize security, residents are engaged by staff and they find enjoyment in life.  Specialized care maximizes quality of life for residents and gives peace of mind to families.

How can specialized Memory Care help my relationship with my loved one?

Our highly skilled staff can take away the stress of being the primary caregiver so the relationship between the memory impaired individual and their family members can be reestablished.  The focus and energy is no longer spent being the caregiver and it is redirected to the core relationship whether it be with husband and wife, parent and child, siblings or friends.

Is smoking allowed on Villas at San Bernardino property?

While we highly recommend against it, we do offer a smoking area for those who wish to smoke.

How is the food at Villas at San Bernardino?

Come in and try it! Ismael is an AMAZING Chef that keeps EVERYONE at the Villas at San Bernardino happy!

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