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Memory Care Nursing Home

memory care nursing homeWhen caring for elderly residents, we at Villas at San Bernardino believe in utilizing an empathetic, respectful, and compassionate approach. We all recognize that we define our residents by more than their conditions and administer care with that in mind.

Are you looking for a memory care nursing home that prioritizes the well-being and happiness of its residents? If so, we at Villas at San Bernardino know we can serve your loved ones well. Secure the best care available for your elderly relative by taking full advantage of our facilities and services.

What Is Memory Care?

If you have never had a relative stay in a long-term care facility before, then you are likely unaware that those establishments offer different services. For example, you might have assumed that nursing homes and assisted living facilities are all the same. It is important to note that those facilities do provide varying levels of care. There are also other options, such as memory care facilities, that you should become familiar with.

So, what is a memory care facility? The main difference between memory care homes and the other facilities designed to accommodate elderly individuals is the former’s focus on those with either Alzheimer’s disease or a progressive form of dementia. People with those conditions tend to experience greater struggles when following their daily routines. They may even neglect essential tasks such as taking medicine and eating meals on time simply because they forgot about them.

Memory care facilities offer more support compared to most other senior living establishments. However, they must offer greater support to establish a higher quality of life for their residents. More and more families also recognize the merits of memory care establishments. Per this article from the AARP, memory care for dementia patients is the fastest-growing sector of the senior housing market.

Your elderly relative may benefit greatly from staying in a memory care home. Take time to consider memory care while reviewing your senior care options.

What Services Do Memory Care Nursing Homes Offer?

We have already mentioned that memory care units offer more support compared to other senior housing establishments, but what does that mean for the residents? How does that additional support manifest itself? For starters, a memory care nursing home will provide a set meal schedule. As a result, residents will enjoy meals throughout the day and at fixed times.

Memory care facilities also monitor the medicine intake of their residents. They will remind residents to take their medication at the appropriate times throughout the day to avoid any issues. Staff members at the facilities also assist with daily tasks. You can request them for your loved one if you think doing so is necessary. We also monitor the residents of memory care establishments 24/7. If an accident occurs, there is someone at the facility who can provide immediate assistance.

Here at the Villas at San Bernardino, we provide additional memory care services and facilities. You can learn more about them using the bullet points below.

  • Secure Bathrooms and Showers – All showers and bathrooms are equipped with safety features to prevent accidents.
  • Beauty Salon – Residents can continue looking their best by paying regular visits to the on-site beauty salon.
  • Guided Exercise Programs – Seniors at our facilities can participate in exercise programs led by certified personal trainers.
  • Yoga Sessions – Any residents who wish to enjoy gentler exercises can participate in the regular yoga sessions.
  • Pet Therapy – We also encourage pet therapy at our facilities. Pets are allowed on the premises, and residents can spend plenty of time with them.
  • Live Entertainment – Every week, we invite artists to perform live for our residents. All of our residents can enjoy the shows and mingle with their neighbors.
  • Full Slate of Activities and Programs – We schedule numerous recreational activities and community programs to keep our memory care residents engaged. These activities and programs also promote interaction among our residents.

How Does Memory Care Differ from Assisted Living?

Memory care facilities and other senior living establishments are different. How do they differ from each other? Let’s get into that topic in this section of the article.
Specially Trained Staff Members Among the key differences between a senior memory care facility and a different establishment designed to accommodate elderly residents is the level of training and education that staff members receive.

The people who work at memory care facilities understand that people with Alzheimer’s and dementia require a different type of care. They can render the specific type of care that they need. When emergencies arise, specially trained staff members can also respond to the situations that present themselves.

Presence of Accessibility-Oriented Fixtures

Many patients affected by Alzheimer’s or dementia have trouble remembering how to operate basic fixtures such as faucets and switches. So, to make things easier for them, memory care units mainly rely on highly accessible fixtures. Residents should have little trouble operating those fixtures independently. That allows them to continue completing certain tasks without needing staff assistance.

Tighter Security

Memory care establishments emphasize security more than other senior living facilities. They usually have more security features in place, and the staff members also monitor the residents throughout the day.

Structured Schedules

Staff members at memory care homes frequently check in with the residents. They ensure that the residents take their medication and complete their activities. In an assisted living facility like the one we provide, residents are given more freedom. The residents of assisted living facilities can set their own schedules and take on activities when they desire to do so.

Activities and Programs Designed to Stimulate the Mind in Specific Ways

Senior living facilities will provide all kinds of activities and host numerous programs. When it comes to memory care for dementia patients specifically, the residents are exposed more to programs and activities that engage different parts of the brain to promote more diverse cognitive activity. A special emphasis is on exposing the residents to music. Studies have found that listening to music can benefit Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. That is why we at Villas at San Bernardino offer live entertainment regularly.

Memory Care Community

We strive to offer only the best facilities to all of our residents. You and your elderly loved ones can learn more about the facilities we provide by continuing below.

Our Available Apartments – We offer our residents designer studio apartments and one-bedroom units at Villas at San Bernardino. Choose the option that provides the space your elderly relative needs to get comfortable. Each unit also provides more than adequate lighting and comfortable furnishings. Your loved one should have no trouble getting around their apartment, no matter the time of day.

Offering the Communal Experience – We want to offer a communal experience, so our residents get plenty of opportunities to spend time with one another. They can use the common areas to participate in group activities or engage in long conversations. Cultivating that communal experience is a priority for us. We want our residents to feel like they are family, and we are constantly working for that goal.

Animal-Friendly Facilities – The companionship provided by a beloved pet simply cannot be replicated. We do not wish to take that away from our residents. Your elderly loved ones can bring their pets as they move into one of our apartments. In addition, small cats and dogs are welcome, so your senior relative will always have familiar company nearby.

Even if your relative does not have a pet, they can still interact with birds by visiting the community aviary.

Healthy and Delicious Food Made Available to Everyone – Nutrition is an essential aspect of senior care. We at Villas at San Bernardino understand that and pour significant resources into offering high-quality meal options to all our residents. Your loved one can enjoy meals made by our in-house chef. We use only the freshest ingredients to prepare our meals. Aside from being healthy, we can also guarantee that our meals are packed with flavor.

Rest easy knowing that your elderly relative always has good food waiting for them.

Varied Transportation Options – Many of our patients need to pay regular visits to their respective doctors. If your loved one is staying here, they will not need to rely on public transportation to make those appointments. Any resident who still has an active driver’s license and a doctor’s recommendation can park their vehicle at the facility. We have parking spaces for all our residents, which are available at no extra cost.

Does your loved one no longer have a car? Do not worry because we still have them covered. We can take your relative to their medical appointments as long as they are within a 12-mile radius of our facilities. On top of that, we can also accompany our residents to the bank, the drug store, the library, the post office, and the supermarket. We will handle their transportation as soon as they request assistance.

Villas of San Bernardino Resources

Some families opt against securing memory care for their elderly relatives because of the associated expenses. They cannot afford those facilities, so they look into other options instead. You should know that there is no replacement for expert memory care. If you are having a tough time pooling together the necessary funds, you can use various resources to reduce your expenses.

Start by going through the resources provided by the Department of Health and Human Services as well as the National Clearinghouse for Long-Term Care Information if you are trying to find the facility that suits your relative best. After that, check out the available Medicare and Medicaid options for your elderly loved one. You may also secure care at a more affordable price by contacting the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the AARP.

Additional resources are made available to veterans who need long-term senior housing. Former service members can seek assistance from the Department of Veteran Affairs and the Home Improvements and Structural Alterations Program if they are hoping to get discounts on memory care facilities. Veterans who want to explore their options further can also peruse the National Resource Directory.

San Bernardino Quality of Life

The services and facilities we offer at Villas at San Bernardino speak for themselves. If you are intrigued by the things you have read in this article or are interested in a San Bernardino retirement home, feel free to reach out and secure an apartment for your elderly relative. Still, there is one more selling point we have not touched on yet. The selling point in question is our location. The city of San Bernardino is committed to maintaining a safe community. In pursuit of that goal, the San Bernardino government has reinvested in its police force. Members of the local police force have highly advanced tools to keep neighborhoods inside the city safe.

Police officers also strive to engage with members of the community more effectively. Approach them with your concerns, and rest assured that they can handle them properly. In addition to creating a safe community, San Bernardino is committed to making essential services more accessible to residents. According to, healthcare is more affordable in San Bernardino compared to the rest of California. It is even more affordable relative to the rest of the country.

Part of why healthcare is more accessible in San Bernardino is because the city has done a great job establishing high-quality facilities. Drop by those facilities whenever you need urgent medical care. San Bernardino also has community programs specifically set up for senior citizens. These include the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program, the Senior Companion Program, and the Senior Nutrition Program.

San Bernardino Memory Care Home

We offer only the best memory care facilities here at Villas at San Bernardino. You can also reach out to us to secure an assisted living apartment. Contact us today so we can start arranging accommodations for your elderly relative.

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