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The Best Cell Phone Plans for Senior Citizens

With more time on your hands, you may find the senior stage of life to be a wonderful opportunity to be in constant touch with your loved ones. So if you’re currently looking for a new cell phone plan or planning to sign up for one, you may want to take a look at this short list of the best cell phone plans for seniors.

In coming up with this list, our San Bernardino assisted living and senior living facility considered the budget needed, ease of use, and how uncomplicated the billing services are. Of course, we also had to consider if the phone has decent coverage and any great bonus features that are meant to complement a senior lifestyle.

GreatCall Jitterbug Smart2

GreatCall Jitterbug Smart2

Specifically built with seniors in mind, the Jitterbug Smart2 from GreatCall is a block or candy bar-style smartphone that’s sturdy and easy to hold. It has oversized buttons, a large, colorful well-illuminated screen and text, simple list-based navigation, and hearing aid compatibility, which adds to its ease of use.

The Jitterbug Smart2 features a list of well-placed icons for frequently-used apps like Phone, Text Message, Camera, and Internet, which enable easy and simple navigation. It has a smoother interface compared to other similar smartphones. It also uses voice-over-LTE technology that allows for faster and crystal clear voice calls.

Plans: GreatCall plans bundled with the Jitterbug Smart2 start with a 200-minute talk time offer at $14.99 monthly, plus 300 texts at $3.00 monthly, and 100 MB of data at $5.00 monthly. The handset is priced at $149.99; however, be sure to check out the GreatCall website first for value-added promotional offers.

Contract: There’s no contract that comes with this GreatCall Jitterbug Smart2 bundle so you can cancel anytime.

Add-ons: Jitterbug Smart2 is power-packed and comes with a suite of great add-ons. Each handset features a 5Star app that you can press for immediate access to an emergency call center. The easy-to-read text, flashlight, camera with built-in flash, and talk-to-text capability all make it a great smartphone option for seniors. It also has a usage meter so you know right away how much you have already consumed for a particular month. Additional health and safety features include alerts as well as activity logs that are useful for caregivers.

Handset Replacement: GreatCall will replace your phone if it is lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair.

Useful health and safety features

GreatCall is known for offering a suite of emergency and healthcare services designed to make things easy for senior users. The Jitterbug Smart2 can be equipped with GreatCall’s optional health and safety features, which are not offered by other cell service providers. This way, you can either opt to have texting and voice calls only, or elect to include the following and enjoy a 50 percent discount off your talk time.

  • Operator: If you experience any problems with your phone and require assistance, all you need to do is press 0, which instantly connects you to a live operator ready to help.
  • 5Star Urgent Response: For situations when you are in pain, hurt or feeling anxious about your surroundings and safety for whatever reason, there’s 5Star Urgent Response. With just a tap on the service button, you are instantly connected to a 5Star Urgent Response operator who will then contact emergency services. This valuable life-saving feature gives you instant access to emergency services so you don’t have to worry even if you are out socializing, shopping or leading a generally active lifestyle.
  • Urgent Care:For urgent questions or medical advice, you can use the Urgent Care service. It’s one way to easily get connected to a board-certified doctor or registered nurse.
  • GreatCall Link: If you have a tendency to get lost or lose your way, or if you are going somewhere unfamiliar, you can give a relative or friend access to GPS-based location services enabled on your phone. This way, they can easily track you down or be at ease knowing where you are at any time.

Jitterbug Smart2 specs

  • Measures 6×3 inches | .33 inches thick
  • 5-inch touch screen
  • Weighs 5.6 ounces
  • 13-megapixel camera with flash
  • Voice typing for easier texting
  • Standard 3.5mm headphone jack
  • MicroSD card slot for up to 32 GB additional memory
  • 16 GB internal memory
  • Micro USB charging cable

Source: GreatCall

GreatCall Jitterbug Flip

The Jitterbug Flip looks like a basic flip phone. However, it does come with useful features most seniors need. With large buttons and a backlit keypad, GreatCall’s Flip has a bright, widescreen and a speaker, making it a basic, easy-to-use phone designed with senior users in mind. It is also hearing aid compatible and efficiently keeps the elderly connected to their loved ones and valuable emergency services.

Plans: GreatCall’s five voice-call plans bundled with the Jitterbug Flip start at $14.99 monthly, while their four text plans start at $3 a month. As a basic phone, the Jitterbug Flip does not have internet access, so data plans aren’t available. The handset retails at $99, but be sure to drop by the GreatCall website to check if they have any offers and discounts that come with the Jitterbug Flip.

Contract: There’s no contract that comes with the Jitterbug Flip so you can cancel at your convenience.

Add-ons: The Jitterbug Flip offers a number of extras that make it a beyond-the-basics phone. It comes with the 5Star button for immediate access to an emergency call center. The Flip features easy-to-read text, a flashlight, and a camera with built-in flash. It also offers a simple yes/no navigation that’s senior-friendly.

Handset Replacement: GreatCall will replace your phone if it is lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair.

Useful health and safety features

GreatCall is uniquely placed in the smartphone service business as they offer a number of emergency and healthcare services intended to make life easier for the elderly. Just like the Jitterbug Smart2, The Flip comes packed with helpful health and safety features including the following:

  • Medication management
  • Immediate access to registered nurses and doctors
  • Health tips
  • Automated check-in calls
  • Periodic wellness calls with a wellness expert

Alerts and activity logs, as well as GPS tracking available on the Flip, also enable caregivers of senior citizens to easily keep track of their Jitterbug Flip-toting loved ones.

Jitterbug Flip specs

  • Measures 4.3×2.2 inches | 0.7 inches thick when closed
  • Weighs 4.7 ounces
  • Camera: 2 MP with flash
  • Connectivity: GPS, Bluetooth, speakerphone
  • 2” 480×320 color display
  • Large, backlit keypad
  • 5Star button
  • Flashlight button on the side
  • Voice dial
  • Reading magnifier in the cover

Source: GreatCall

Pure TalkUSA Cell Phone Provider

If you already have an unlocked phone, Pure TalkUSA is a great option because you can use your current phone and then switch over to the Pure TalkUSA plan. However, they also have a great selection of cell phone and smartphone models and brands available for sale, including two of their own flip phones. Whatever your budget, Pure TalkUSA is sure to have a phone and a plan to match it.

Plans: Pure TalkUSA offers five different monthly plans starting from $20 to $45 per line. Each plan features unlimited talk and text as well as varying high-speed data allotments. What’s great about Pure Talk is that they do not charge for overages. If you’ve hit your monthly usage limit, they won’t cut off your data access, too. Instead, your data access is adjusted to 128 kbps. This way, you keep your data access without the stress of overage fees. They also offer a Multi-Line Discount where you save more money every time you add another line to your plan. For example, adding a second line will earn you a 10 percent discount off your total monthly bill, while subscribing for a third line saves you 15 percent, and so on.

Contract: There’s no contract so you can cancel the service anytime. However, be sure to check their cancellation policy or terms and conditions first.

Some disadvantages: While Pure TalkUSA offers great coverage and flexibility, do note that they do not own any physical stores. They transact purely online or by phone. They also do not offer monthly financing plans for phone units, nor any damage or loss/theft protection for phones purchased through them.


The FreedomPop phone service technology is based on voice over internet protocol (VoIP), which is the same technology used with Skype. Hence, FreedomPop offers seniors a legitimate, honest-to-goodness free mobile phone option. By legitimately piggybacking on the networks of other providers, FreedomPop is totally reliable and budget-friendly.

It works with the Alcatel Conquest LTE Smartphone, whose activation fee only costs $49.99 when purchased through FreedomPop. Note that the regular handset retail price is actually pegged at $149.99, so that’s a lot of savings.

Plans: Once you buy the handset, the basic call package comes totally free with 200 minutes of calls. However, you have an option to upgrade to their 55+ plan designed and offered exclusively for seniors. It costs $24.99 monthly and comes with unlimited calls and texts as well as a 2GB data allotment.

The basic free text package comes with 500 texts. But you have the option to upgrade to their 55+ plan for seniors. It costs $24.99 monthly and comes with unlimited calls and texts as well as 2GB of data.

Their free data package includes a 500MB data allotment. But with the 55+ plan, you get unlimited calls and text messages as well as 2GB of data. So for senior users who require a higher data allocation, FreedomPop has a number of data plans priced from $3.99 to $74.99 per month.

Contract: FreedomPop packages don’t come with a contract so you can cancel the service anytime.

Add-ons: FreedomPop subscribers signed up to the 55+ plan enjoy VIP support. However, you are also free to downgrade to the free plan anytime.

Some disadvantages:The handset model is not senior-specific, and those who require a lot of data may find the data plan options quite limited.

Sprint (via AndroidPolice)

Sprint Unlimited 55+

As the fourth largest mobile network service provider in the U.S., Sprint offers reliable coverage. They also offer special senior cell phone plans under their Sprint Unlimited 55+. However, the Unlimited 55+ plan is only offered to new customers. Also, you can only take advantage of it by signing up in one of their physical stores, and not online.

With Sprint Unlimited 55+, you have the freedom to choose between buying or leasing a new phone. You may also opt to use your own phone.

Plans: Depending on the plan you choose, they charge an activation fee of up to $30, after which the cost per month per line is $35. With Sprint Unlimited 55+, you can have up to two lines. Calls, texts, and data allotments are all unlimited.

Contract: Sprint Unlimited 55+ does come with a contract. So, to avoid confusion or misunderstandings, be sure to check for the specifics of your contract while in-store. Early cancelation fees may be costly so you need to go over the fine print carefully. Make sure you understand all the fees involved should you decide to cancel the service at some point before signing up.

Add-ons: All Sprint Unlimited 55+ plans come with DVD-quality streaming, international roaming (almost 200 worldwide destinations), and unlimited mobile hotspots.

Get the best plan for you

There are other cell phone plans that are great for seniors which you may want to consider. You want to make sure you’re choosing the one that will work best for your lifestyle and satisfy your needs, but what we listed here is already a great starting list.

Being a retiree or a senior citizen is a gift. It offers you many opportunities to focus on yourself as well as interests you may have set aside while caring for your family and advancing in your career. At this stage in your life, you can also take advantage of the chance it offers for you to renew old connections and make time for family and friends. It’s a great time for relaxation, freedom and leisure.

So, when choosing the best cell phone plan for you, keep all of these things in mind.

If you’d like to learn more about how to ensure a safe, healthy, and happy life as a senior, be sure to get in touch. We offer quality Senior Assisted Living and memory care services that focus on supporting a vibrant lifestyle, no matter what your age.

Get in touch with Villas at San Bernardino today.

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